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Phrases to Avoid on Your Resume or CV
Here are the most common phrases used on Resume's as well as CV's and some suggested alternatives so you can stand out from the crowd.
Experienced writers provide you with the resume writing services you need.

Job Search Consulting
A full line of Job search services are available to help you in your search.

Social Media
A Social Media presence is important for attracting employers directly to you

Other Services
Other employment services that will ensure you achieve your career goals.



Are you new to the job market? Then you're probably facing that classic "catch-22"...no one wants to hire you until you have experience...and you can't get experience until someone hires you! We understand the unique needs of students and recent graduates. You need a resume that can powerfully sell your skills and potential as an employee...even though you don't have a lot of experience to highlight. We know just how to do this.

Cover Letters

Cover Letters

If you have less than 2 years’ experience, your success rests almost entirely on your resume. Employers want to see experience and the fact that you have little of it will put you at a disadvantage. We are highly skilled at creating resumes that can overcome this disadvantage. We take all the useful full,part and volunteer work as well as academic skills that you've acquired and convert them in practical, real-world skills.

Resume and Cover Letter

Resume and Cover Letter

In this competitive job market with limited opportunities, as a mid career professional you need an expertly written resume demonstrating the depth and breadth of your expertise. You need to stand out. This resume writing service is ideal for the experienced job seeker without supervisory or managerial experience.

Other Services

Other Services

If you have already achieved several years of success in Management OR you’re ready to move onto the next phase of your development, ResumeBuilds.com has all the keys to open the door to your next job. Competition for Management level jobs is always fierce and, as a result, your resume must effectively demonstrate all your qualifications and know-how while also showing that you’ve honed and refined your communication, leadership and team-work skills.



A resume for a candidate with executive level experience will differ greatly from all other resumes. The reasons for this are rather easy to understand since, as an executive, your resume will have to demonstrate certain attributes. Recruiters hiring for this level of position will want to see evidence that you are results oriented, ready to seize all opportunities, and productive while at the same time able to facilitate growth and positively impact the bottom-line.